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What does Regenerative Organic Certified® mean?

ROC™ represents the highest standards in history for soil health, animal welfare and social fairness. It goes beyond just regenerative practices, and beyond just certified organic. To be eligible for Regenerative Organic Certified®, farms must first be USDA certified organic or an international equivalent.

At Ancient Nutrition, we believe we have a responsibility to care for our environment – starting from the ground up. Achieving Regenerative Organic Certified® for our two founder-owned farms means we’re holding ourselves to the highest standards in history. Ultimately, that means more nutrient-dense soil to grow powerful ingredients that we can make into supplements for you – like our first-ever line of ROC™ probiotics and herbals.

The Three Pillars of Regenerative Organic Certified®

healthy soil
Healthy soil

Most soil is over-farmed and lacks nutrients. Regenerative practices like cover crops, rotational grazing & crop rotations can change that.

animal welfare
Animal welfare

Grass-fed, pasture-raised, and free to do what they do best. Healthy animals have so much to contribute to a truly regenerative farm.

Farmer fairness
Farmer fairness

Farmers are critical to the success of regenerative farming, which is why livable wages, farmworker fairness & more are top priorities.

First Ever ROC™ Probiotics Line

Introducing the first of its kind: an entire probiotics line that is certified ROC™. Each formula combines 30 diverse probiotic strains, as well as prebiotics, postbiotics and superfood ingredients grown on our founder-owned ROC™ farms. Super-effective probiotics for incredible digestive and targeted support, while setting a new bar for ingredient sourcing.

bottle of ROC Extra Strength Probiotics
First Ever ROC™ Herbals Line

Introducing our ROC™ herbals line, an entire line of targeted superfood supplements for support where you want it most. Each formula contains our proprietary probiotic strain for ultimate absorption and bioavailability, plus powerful farm-grown superfood ingredients chosen for specific health support. Get support for balanced hormones, joint health, and more…while setting a new bar for ingredient sourcing.

bottle of ROC Women's Hormones capsules

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